Hot + Sexy Lubricant



Hot + Sexy Lubricant 1oz.

Want to add a little flavor to the bedroom? Introducing Hot Sexy Warming Lubricants for Lovers. When you’re in the heat of the moment, let Doc Johnson set it on fire with Hot Sexy Warming Lubricants for Lovers. Warms to the touch and heats-up when blown-on.. Hot Sexy Warming Lubricant for Lovers will add a gentle warming sensation to your intimate encounter, leading to heightened stimulation for both males and females. Just spread it on and lick it off! Yum Yum, Come and get some! Made in the USA, these tasty treats are water-based and will never leave you feeling sticky.

Water Soluble Warming Gel,

Flavors:Hot Strawberry, Hot Cinnamon, Hot Cherry, Hot Watermelon, Hot Vanilla


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