Yes! Pheromone Cologne (1oz.) 2 ,

Yes! Pheromone Cologne (1oz.)

Spice up your night out and attract all the right attention with Yes! Pheromone Cologne! Make them come to you, and enjoy the effects of this sexual attraction spray.

1 Fluid Ounce. Phthalates Free.

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The Dice Made Me Do It, Drinking 1

The Dice Made Me Do It, Drinking

The Dice Made Me Do It! Drinking Edition. A fast moving dice game. Will you sip or shoot?

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World’s Most Ridiculous Drink Games 1

World’s Most Ridiculous Drink Games

A collection of 30 of the most ridiculous drinking games from around the world. Includes: 30 game rule cards, 1 plastic game chip, 1 poker card deck, 5 dice.

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Lets Fool Around Dice Game 2 ,

Lets Fool Around Dice Game

A romantic game for two players or a kinky party game for a group of uninhibited friends. After a player rolls, he decides whose body part he’ll perform the action on, based on who each die represents and what is rolled.

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Fetish Play Dice Game 2 ,

Fetish Play Dice Game

Tickled, whipped, paddled, tied-up, or punished–act out your deviant fantasies with Fetish-Play dice. Take turns rolling the dice and indulge your way to fetish heaven (or hell)!

Includes 2 Die.

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Glams Mini – Rainbow Gem 2 ,

Glams Mini – Rainbow Gem

Tapered silicone butt plug with a sparkling gem in the base is perfect for those special moments. Measures 3.3 in. by 1.7 in. by 1.7 in.

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B Yours – Bonne Beads – Silver 2 ,

B Yours – Bonne Beads – Silver

To strengthen your pelvic muscles, insert both silky soft beads and squeeze to hold in place. Each ball contains a weighted bead that rolls with your movements, stimulating and massaging you. Perfect for beginners. Features easy retrieval loop. Measures 7.5 in. long, 4.25 in. insertable, 1.2 in. wide. Weight is 1.7 oz.

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Get It On! Inflatable Strap-On 21′ Penis-Flesh 2 ,

Get It On! Inflatable Strap-On 21′ Penis-Flesh

Take a bachelorette party to the next level with this inflatable strap-on penis. Waterproof, 21 in. long. Adjustable strap is 15 in. on one side.

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Passion Dual Balls 3 , ,

Made of luxurious, 316 medical grade Stainless Steel Ball. Suited to people who refuse to compromise on quality. Excellent sensation thanks to the weight and material of stainless steel.
Two little heavy Silver balls which both tone muscles and send waves of vibrating pleasure to your sweet spots. these petite balls are held in place by your pelvic floor muscles and jiggle whilst toning muscles.
Wear these balls regularly to tighten and tone your vaginal muscles!!

Key Features

  • made of preminum 316 degree medical grade stainless steel
  • Diameter: 20 mm

Material: stainless steel

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Finger Condoms With Lube 1

Finger Condoms With Lube Are you looking for Finger Condoms For you or your partner ? Then don’t worry, your search is completed because here the perfect Finger Condoms With Lube for you that you are looking for. Finger condoms offer a safe and sanitary way to engage in the form of sexual penetration known […]

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Kinky Night Dice


Kinky Night Dice 2 ,

Kinky Night Dice Unleash your kinky side with a roll of these 3 dice. Let fate decide who is in control, how they will restrain their partner, and what pleasure (or pain) they’ll receive. An evening of fetish fun awaits!

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Let’s Fuck! Dice Game 2 ,

Let’s F*ck! Dice Game

Roll the dice and follow the instructions for this great F*cking game!

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